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Useful Stuff #1: Writing links – Information & Inspiration

Throughout the course of the writing and on-going pre-production of this project (as well as previous projects), I have spent a lot of time digging for information from those who have gone before us, people often smarter and/or more experienced than I.  Since the point of this blog is to document our journey and hopefully help other new filmmakers in the process, I thought I would, from time to time, share a few useful items that we have come across and found value in (books, links, articles, etc).

Since every project begins with a script, I thought I would post a few of my favorite writing-related links.  These are some pretty popular links, so many people will already be aware of them. I will post some more obscure stuff in the future.  For those who aren’t, however, enjoy these.

  • johnaugust.com – blog written by writer/director John August.  Full of tremendous tips and articles about the craft of screenwriting.
  • unknownscreenwriter.com – another blog, written by the Unknown Screenwriter, or Unk.  Loaded with great information, including his 14-part post The Transformational Character Arc, which is available in its entirety as a PDF download. Good stuff.
  • Sam and Jim Go to Hollywood – This was one of most informative insider podcasts I have ever heard. The titular gentlemen talk about their journey from Minnesota to Hollywood. Although they have not updated since last Oct, it is well worth starting back at episode 1 and listening to all 44.
  • Creative Screenwriting – I would be remiss if I did not mention this. Aside from being a good mag, they also have their Creative Screenwriting Screening Series podcast, where senior editor Jerry Goldmith holds Q&As with writers, directors or both after a screening of their film. An absolute must listen.
  • On The Page – Pilar Alessandra, script consultant extraordinaire, offers classes and workshops and (my favorite) an excellent podcast also called On The Page.  The podcast touches on everything from pitching to structure, networking to casting. Well worth a listen