Monthly Archives: September 2011

Quick Update: Dallas & Wayne join the Grassman

image As of today, Dallas Gilbert and Wayne Burton, stars of the documentary “Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie” have officially joined the cast of The Legend of Grassman. Tyler and I had a meeting with them today to discuss the upcoming shoot. As an unexpected treat, we received signed copies of the pilot episode of their series “Dallas & Wayne: The Bigfoot Hunters.” Awesome.

Then Tyler and I found a Rax restaurant, which we haven’t eaten in for 20 years. We topped our adventure off with chocolate chip shakes and Rax barbeque. Could this day get any better?

Yes. Yes, it could. George Lauris, from “Sasquatch, the Legend of Bigfoot,” did some narration for our film. It arrived today. And to quote Tyler (via Twitter): “Holy Crapenstein! Too awesome!”

So, how was your day?