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This shit just got real! Shooting resumes.

After taking the winter off and enjoying some unexpected attention to our film on the internet, we’re finally back to it. Enjoy as we resume filming, weekend by weekend until we have everything we need to present you with the greatest bigfoot movie ever made by jackasses.

Day 21 – April 16, 2010

This was a short day of shooting, just to get a some… well, I’ll let Tyler explain:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Day 22 – May 29, 2010

“Holy shit! We gots cave!” I believe were my exact words when Tyler informed me that he had made contact the owners of a cave/mine and they were excited about allowing us to shoot for a day out there. The awesome folks at the Lewisburg Haunted Cave agreed to permit us to film our cave scene in the mines which they use to run a kick-ass haunt attraction every year. So, Tyler arranged the shoot date with them, and our cast and crew, and Thundercats were GO.

Despite last minute travel instructions and arrangements that could easily have gone horribly wrong, everyone made it to the location, about an hour north of our Cincinnati base of operations. I have been to caves before, but none this large and not for this length of time. Let me just say: this mine was intimidating.  80+ feet below the surface, 40 miles of tunnels, home to 30,000 bats. This wasn’t just a film set. This shit was the real deal.

Well, that looks mighty inviting....

Several members of the crew had some serious anxiety to overcome, but everyone was professional and dedicated, doing what they had to to make this work. We all went deep inside the mine to the location Tyler had picked out. If we thought the woods were dark at night, well this place was pure nothingness without the lights. Fortunately I had purchase a lantern the night before, which not only did an excellent job of providing some workable light, but also managed to light the scenes for us as well. Why? Because we had no electricity. At all.

Everyone was on the money, performance-wise. It was as if we had never had the past 6+ months off.  People jumped right into character, folks worked together through scenes, joked around like always. It was excellent. The crew was also on with extra set dressing, props, make-up… you name it, and everyone was brought their A-game.

Anybody remember what the hell this movie's about...?

One scene in particular, involving everyone’s favorite cryptid Bigfoot, was so good that everyone, including the workers of the Haunted Mine who came on set to watch, was dead silent. You could hear a bat shit, it was so quite. And it was perfect.

So, this was a tremendous return to filming. Exactly what we needed: actors on, crew focused, and a location that makes our film look way better than it may actually be.

After countless takes, nothing remained of the actors but bones...

I especially want to thank Jebenezzer Law and the folks at the Lewisburg Haunted gave. If you have a chance this fall to check them out, I highly recommend it. However, per Jebenezzer’s recommendation, bring a change of pants. They’ve won awards for… that.

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