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Director’s Journal #X: Summary of 43 Entries that were Never Written

The shoot was crazy.  Like being high on Quaaludes in a tornado.  I hesitate to call it hellish.  Cause it was the coolest thing we have ever done.  But it was hellish.  The good kind.   I stopped making time to write journal entries in the summer, but once September hit I was on the fast track to Crazy Town.  There was no time for anything except to try to keep my head above water.  When the shoot actually started, I switched from trying to keep my head above water to trying not to drown so much.  What was it like?  EARFDHFRGEHHDGGGHHHH!!!!!!!


And then October came.  And the shoot didn’t stop. It kept going.  The plan was to shoot most of it in September and then in October we’d kind of take it easy.  Get a scene here.  Do a scene there.  But Mother Nature handed us our own asses in September, and when we weren’t having our asses handed to us, it actually still took a lot longer to shoot than I had planned.  Not once did we stay on schedule in September – on those days that we actually had a schedule.

And now October was here.  And the shoot kept going.  We’d have a couple days off between shoots, but it kept going.  The seasons were about to change and the falling leaves were a constant reminder that the clock was ticking on our little filmmaking endeavor.  But after a while, that would become a comfort to me.  There was no end to the shoot in sight, but the leaves WOULD disappear.   Winter WOULD come.   And it did.  And we all packed up and got there hell out of there.

Tyler in his lair...

And in the dark recesses of my underground editing lair, I began to assess the damage.  Putting scenes together.  Figuring out what we had.  What we needed to get.  What we needed to do over.  I didn’t get too far with that when we realized we could really use a new trailer.   We still have a good chunk of the film to complete; only now we have less money and a tired cast and crew who have already endured a long hellish (good) shoot.  So, Dennis and I figured, we first needed to get everyone excited again, and also create a showreel that we could use for convincing new partners that we aren’t out of our minds (I have determined that at least 50% of the people we come into contact with, when told that we are “independent filmmakers” actually THINK we said “We are out of our freakin minds.  I EAT MY OWN FLESH!  EEET!!!  EEEET!!!”).

We are independent filmmakers!

So I began the arduous trailer-making process where you take a bunch of unrelated footage from the hours and hours of footage you’ve shot and start piecing it together to tell a story that is similar to your actual story, only shorter and containing just the really good parts, only without actually giving away the good parts cause then you’ll ruin the movie.

I don’t really know how to do that too well.  So I cheated a bit.  I found a trailer I liked and slapped my shots on top of their shots.  Throw in some music and half-assed digital effects in there and we gots ourselves a trailer.

And we’ve gotten some pretty positive reaction online from the trailer, and that’s been really cool.  It’s a bit surreal to me that people are talking about this movie while we’re still making it – that’s NEVER happened to us – but it’s very cool.

As I write this, I am locked in my aforementioned underground editing lair for the next week, editing what we have and planning Phase 2 of the shoot.  We have Phases.  By the end of the week, we’ll have a solid plan for moving forward that will put us on track to finish this bastard this year.  Woot!  Woot!  Crazy Town, here I come!

You tell 'em I'm comin'! And Crazy Town's comin' with me!