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Sneak Peek #13: Teaser Poster

One Sheet

We may not have leaves, but, damn it, we got us some lights

This catches us up to the final days of the shoot last fall. The weather had finally decided to work against us again, with little or no leaves on the trees. Shots had to be limited to show only the lower foliage that still have green. The ground was covered in fallen leaves. And the temperature was steadily getting colder and colder.  By the time we got to these two days, Tyler and I had decided this would be it, until the spring. On that note, here we go.

Day 19 – Nov 1

We’ve have a bit of a break. The weather today is not too bad. Sun is out. And since we’ve got Rich and Matt on set we figure we’re going to squeeze whatever we can out of the opportunity. Tyler decides we’re going to get some more walking footage (which we need plenty of) and shoot a few dialog scenes. And that is pretty much what we do the whole day, except for an impromptu soccer break.

Walk hard

"There she was just a walkin down the street, singin..."

We get some dialog with Matt, Rich, and Max that we had missed earlier, and I am done for the day, so I hang around pretending to produce something. Although it did not seem like the most productive day, it was all necessary footage and would have to be done sometime.  Actually turned out to be a nice, laid-back, relaxing day of shooting.

We called it a day, thus ending our first leg of shooting with the primary cast members.  Everyone went their separate ways, eager awaiting the arrival of spring.  Tyler went to Disney World with his wife for a couple of weeks. I began working on other writing projects, and kept telling myself I needed to update this blog.

Day 20 – Nov 21

We resumed shooting this day for something a bit different. This day would involve a semi-different location (up ’til now, we only shot exteriors of this place) with half of the day being interior scenes. That’s right. We were finally going indoors! And by “we” I mean a whole other set of actors. Today, we would be joined by Dennis (my son, because it’s nepotism, not nope-otism), Erin, and Naomi. Another addition on set this day would be Steve, who designed our bigfoot face, and who would be lighting and assisting Tyler.

Yes… lighting. This would be the first real use of lighting on the film. Most of the time, Tyler has wanted to capture things in natural light. It may not have worked out on some of the previous night shots (that remains to be seen), but this scene actually requires light in specific ways to strategically show (or hide) things. As the producer/jobless person on set, all I can say is that is looks cool from where I stand.

Let there be light!

Most of the scene involves Erin and Naomi, and then Naomi on her own. Both of them did excellent work, despite an early case of the giggles by one of the players (whose name rhymes with “air in”). Stephan was on set for the weapon scene. Noami did her outside scene alone, in the freezing cold,  and nailed it every take. Everyone filled up on pizza, we got a few more shots in, then called it a winter. From what I have seen of the footage, it looks terrific. It was a great note to end the first phase of shooting on.

This concludes the journal of the first part of shooting. Although we intended to get the entire movie filmed during this time, we came to learn that things rarely work out as planned and that you have to be able to adapt quickly and cheaply, and keep moving forward.

We are lucky enough to have a cast and crew of excited, dedicate folks who, despite the obstacles we faced, pushed through with us without complaint, without negativity, and without calling Tyler and I names.  So, to them, I say “Thank you” and I look forward to seeing you in the spring.

Stay tuned to this blog for more info on the film, like what we’re doing during the downtime, and for any other developments.