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It’s about damn time I posted something…

When we last left off, our 8 day shoot was not as productive as we had hoped. Weather sucked, our bigfoot was injured, and our ability to estimate how many pages we can shoot per day was severely lacking. On the plus side, what we did get was excellent and enough to keep everyone excited and wanting to continue. We agree to try to work with everyone’s availability and shoot every weekend in October (or until the weather would no longer permit). We resume our tale with the 9th day of shooting, one week after our primary shoot ended.

Day 9 – October 4

After the detailed planning of our primary shooting week did not work out so well, Tyler decided to take more of a “we’ll shoot whatever we can shoot” approach. Scheduling all of our players was going to get more difficult. Vacation times were over, some were moving on to other jobs, some were going out of town. Typical low budget indie film headaches. We’ve dealt with it before, just never on this scale. Oh well. We’ll shoot whatever we can shoot.

Ready for action!

As a result of this new mentality, everyone (especially Tyler) was a bit more at ease. This day we had Jeidy, Max, and myself in the morning decided to shoot some of the running scenes. No dialog, no elaborate setups. Just a healthy jog through the woods. It was good actiony stuff. And, for my part, I came away feeling really good as my nine months of working out to prepare for the film paid off and the running was a breeze.

The afternoon was a big event. We had Jory on set in full Bigfoot costume for the first time. Everyone was excited and amazed to see how he looked in the thick fur bodysuit.  He was, after all, the true star of the film. Without a cool bigfoot, we have no movie.

We have a movie now, bitches!

Now, we have a movie.

We shot some action scenes deep in the woods and some effects shots with Jeidy and Jory and then called it a night. Damn fine day.

Day 10 – ???

I have no idea what happened on Day 10. Either I counted wrong in my notes and behind-the-scenes pics and vids, or I was abducted by aliens on this day and did not participate in any shooting.

I prefer the later explanation.

Day 11 – Saturday Oct 10

After the alien abduction of the previous day, it was time for some kick ass hiney filming to resume. That’s right. I said “hiney.” Why? Because, not only did we have all of our primary cast on set for this day, but we also had a variety of children. Because, we at Monkey Productions, LLC (formerly Monkey Ltd) believe in a family friendly work environment.

Grassman Daycare - Your little ones are safe with us

That, and we really want actors to show up.

We shot a lot of scenes in our campground set, which also doubled as the daycare site. Rich had some back pain but was a trooper and hung in for the entire shoot. As it began to get dark, we built a campfire (experienced fire starters that we now were), and prepared to shoot our first night scenes. We shot a couple of scenes around the fire, ate some tasty pizza, wrapped for the night. Not as much shot, but a productive day none the less.

Shooting at night. Looks creepy, don't it?

Day 12 – Sunday, Oct 11

This day, with all our primary actors 0n set for the second consecutive day, was set to be primarily a dialog intensive day.  We also had a surprise visit from Adam, who has a part in the opening of the film, and who assisted with audio for the later half of the day. The campground was the primary set piece involved, as well as some of the surrounding woods. What stands out most about this day was that everybody brought their inner “actor” to the set. We have not hidden the fact that we have only one actual actor on our film (Tyler, Stephan and I are not arrogant enough to include ourselves in that category). But you would never have guessed from some of the scenes we shot this day.

"Jinkies! A clue!" - Hunting for grassman

One scene in particular involved Stephan and Rich in a heated argument. I enter the scene in the middle of it and simply react. I found myself fighting the urge to step in an calm things down. The shit felt real. It was cool to be a part of. I just hope when the time comes for my more intense scenes that I am able to hold up against the effort I’ve seen from these folks so far.

Keep up, writer boy! Or we will remove you from the picture our way!

Otherwise, I am pretty sure Tyler will find a way to once again leave my ass on the cutting room floor again…