“Mother Nature sucks like a champ.” – The Legend of Grassman

Thursday, Sept 24 – Day 5 – This is the first day we have all of our entire cast together on set. The core group of actors (myself, Stephan, and Damion) were joined by:

  • Rich, who is also the owner of our location land. I work with Rich at my grown up job and, once I thought of asking him to shoot on his vast property, it hit me that he would be perfect for a part I had in the script. I offered it to him, and he was kind enough (or foolish depending on your perspective) to accept despite not having acted before. Unless, of course, you count the endless supply of anecdotes he tells on virtually any subject imaginable.
  • Matt, with whom we worked before on our short The Projection Booth. Tyler and I discussed offering the part to Matt because we enjoyed working with him before, and wanted to give him a part that would not wind up on the cutting room floor this time (sorry about that, Matt). The door was opened after Matt made a comment on Facebook about letting him “when you’re ready for me to film my scenes.”  We decided to see if he was serious. Slowly, over the course of the next month, Tyler managed to wear him down into accepting at the last minute. Score!
  • Jeidy (pronounced hi-dee) is providing a much needed boost of estrogen to our overly male-oriented cast. Tyler worked briefly with Jeidy while helping out a colleague on an outside project and he suggested her during our casting talks. He worked his immense network of contacts (ie, Facebook because that’s how he rolls) and managed to get a hold of her. She was very interested and excited about the project, and honestly, that’s really what matters. We want folks that want to be there and believe in our insanity as much as we do. She was offered the part and accepted.

We arrived early that morning to a grim, foreboding sky. We had been monitoring the weather, and it was not looking good. But we were motivated and ready to DO IT TO IT! One by one, the cast arrived.

The sky scoffed at us.

Before we could finish setting up for the first scene, if began to rain. We rushed to cover things up with tarps and get our folks to cover.

And then we waited.

As soon as the rain broke, we rushed back out, removed the tarps, wiped down everything to give the illusion of dryness, and got to work. We got through most of the scene before it began to rain again.  By this time, it was nearly lunch time, so we decided to head up to the house for some grub and check the weather again.

The Grassman Dream Team toughs through Lebanon's monsoon season

The Grassman Dream Team toughs through Lebanon's monsoon season

Once again, catering came through with some kickass lasagna. Everyone temporarily forgot the weather, ate, laughed, and made merry. Rich entertained with some of those aforementioned anecdotes, folks played ping-pong badly, cast & crew got to know each other better, and Tyler and I paced.  We looked at the radar with is hellish green, yellow, orange, and red blobs covering the midwest.

Artist rendition of the radar map as we remember it...

Artist rendition of the radar map as we remember it...

After some discussion, a command decision was made to call it a day, and to cancel the next day as well, with its 90% chance of pissing me off. Folks were a little disappointed but understanding, and still in a lasagna-induce haze of docility.  Availabilities would be checked and a schedule arranged for the weekend.

And we parted ways.  Mother Nature won this round, but we would be back with a vengeance!

Friday – Sept 25 – Day 6 – As advertised, it rained all day. Our filmmaking vengeance would not be dished out this day.

Stupid weather.


One response to ““Mother Nature sucks like a champ.” – The Legend of Grassman

  1. The vast majority of the time in the Cincinnati area, it seems to rain for an hour and quit. You guys were unlucky enough to shoot your movie during one of the weeks of the year where for a few days it barely stops raining. I hope you guys can get all your footage on weekends before the leaves change color/fall.

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