It was the awesomeness of times, it was the suck of times…

“So, what the hell has been going on?” you ask, more interested than any human being should be about anything other than sex.

Well, let me tell you: we’ve had some progress and some obstacles. Which is to be expected with a project of this size, and with us involved. Here’s the rundown.

First of all, we have a bigfoot face. Steve, our creature mask designer, did an excellent job. We may have the nose width taken down a bit, but still… it’s a friggin bigfoot! Not suck at all! Cryptid goodness!

Bigfoot Profile - One sexy beast!

Bigfoot Profile - One sexy beast!

Secondly, at the time of this writing, our Panasonic GH-1 is still up in the air. Amazon has a shipping date of September, as does the Panasonic site. It’s a little nerve wracking.

Where the hell is our camera?!?!

Where the hell is our camera?!?!

Granted, should we have planned a movie around a camera that was not even released yet? No. On the other hand, we are financing this ourselves and can do whatever the hell we want. So, suck it. It won’t cost us anymore to delay, but it will be a major inconvenience. So, right now, this scenario sucks.

Thirdly, I have been working on getting the schedule put together. I started doing it by hand, then decided to try the trial version of Gorilla 4.5.  It’s not bad. I wish the import function worked a bit better than it did, and the user interface is not really intuitive (for someone who has never done this before), but it does the job.

Gorilla 4.5 - I made it pretty colors. Now what?

Gorilla 4.5 - I made it pretty colors. Now what?

However, with 87+ scenes, I can’t help but feel that I need to simply clear one of the walls in my “office” and start sticking breakdown sheets and Post-Its up. I need to really see it all to make sense of it. So, more to follow on that. Pain in the ass, it is. And it should be done already. I suck.

Fourthly, Tyler and I have had some in-depth discussions regarding some changes to the script. Nothing major. A handful of scenes that we think would help flesh things out a bit better, a character arc change and scene change, and one character being removed.  I have yet to start working on these changes, but I have notes. That should count for something. No? The ideas are awesome, but I still suck.

I need to write or I will suck... Hey! It's Fred!

I need to write or I will suck... Hey! It's Fred!

Fifthly, our shed is a nuisance to all who encounter it, from the owner, to Tyler and Stephan as they acquired it over a 12 hr period, and now to our mom’s husband, Tom. Tom wants it gone from his back yard. I have seen it, and I completely understand why. But, damn it, we weren’t expecting this right now. Fortunately, Rich has been more than accommodating, allowing us to move it to his land (our primary location). He has mentioned that, although she has not seen it herself, his wife already finds it to be a nuisance and does not want it seen by her or anyone else. No one appreciates this wonderful, authentic set piece for what it is: a shit pile of rotted wood… okay, maybe they do. So, we have to move it, this weekend. More time lost. More cost involved. Suck.

"...a shit pile of rotted wood..."

"...a shit pile of rotted wood..."

Sixthly, and lastly, our illustrious director, Tyler, took a trip to Portland, Oregon to interview a sasquatch. And if that failed, to get some kickass footage for one of the new scenes I mentioned above. So, armed with a Super-8 camera and a couple of film cartidges (that still cost what they did when we were kids, for some reason), Tyler charged fearlessly into the territory of the feared beast, ie, he went for a hike.

Tyler directing nature.

Tyler directing nature and waiting for the beast.

He says he got some great footage (awesome!) but then lost one of the film cartidges somehow (suck!), but the one he still has is the majority of the great shit (awesome!). We will know more once he sends it to Kansas City to get it developed.

So, to summarize: awesome, suck, suck, awesome/suck mix, suckfest, awesome/suck/awesome combo.


2 responses to “It was the awesomeness of times, it was the suck of times…

  1. It’s the Hate Shed: the evil arch nemesis of the B-52’s. At least there’s actual footage shot and some costume goodness. Does no GH-1 = delay to next year?

    • Not just yet. I have tried to get an answer from Tyler on the “If it doesn’t show, then what?” question, but I get nothing. So, we keep plodding ahead as if the camera was a sure thing. There is a thin line between passion and stupidity. We like to straddle it.

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