Director’s Journal #7

Wendesday, May 6th

Got some more fur swatches. Need to show Rachel. In my opinion, none of them are as well suited as the one we liked from, but they are cheaper. There are one or two that might work. The one I like has a little bit of green in it, I’m told. (Got problems with my colors.) Showed it to my wife and she said it looks more brown than green. That’s good. Bigfoot probably shouldn’t be green.

Concept art for green bigfoot...

Concept art for green bigfoot...

Finished reading the first 60 pages. I think we’re headed in a great direction. The slight plot change we came up with about a month ago has made a huge difference for me. It’s gone from something that was good to something I find very compelling. Back when I read the first draft, I liked it but questioned whether I would actually rent it if I found such a movie in the video store. I would rent the third draft.

A writer reacts to positive feedback: "I hear a 'but' coming..."

A writer reacts to positive feedback: "I hear a 'but' coming..."

Still got some tiny nitpicks and stuff I think we should change around, but it’s looking great.

Thursday, May 7th

Been looking into a camera to shoot this thing with. Started leaning towards buying on, as opposed to borrowing or renting one. If I had my own, the stress of the shoot will be very much diminished. All I’ll need to finish is the scenes with the actors I’m not related too, and all the stuff on Rich’s land. We can then finish the rest of it at our leisure… Well, not really, we still want to keep to a schedule – I don’t want to be shooting this for the next ten years (see The Projection Booth.)

Artist depiction of what Tyler would look like after 10 years on this film.

Artist depiction of what Tyler would look like after 10 years on this film.

But if it rains – which is a strong possibility – and I have my own camera, I can make those days up on some weekend in July. Also, I could spend a day alone getting nature shots somewhere in Eastern Ohio on my own time with no one waiting on me. Or, if I’m editing and I think of a cut in I wish I had, I can go do it immediately.

On my short film, The Projection Booth, I learned the importance of this kind of flexibility – and also the danger of that kind of indulgence. But If I can strike a balance between sticking to a structured plan, and doing whatever the hell I want whenever I want, our film will benefit greatly.

I looked at a bunch of camcorders. The best thing out there for under $10,000 is undoubtedly the Sony EX1 or EX3. The EX1 goes for about $6000, which is way more than we were going to spend on the movie. I started looking at cameras around $3000 – $4000… although if you get close enough to $4000, it seems like you should cough up another 2k and get the sweet ass Sony.

GH1... really? Perhaps...

GH1... really? Perhaps...

I asked a friend at work if had heard anything about a $3300 Panasonic model that shoots on SDHC cards. He thought I was talking about the Panasonic GH1 still camera. Before I could say ‘fuck that still camera shit,” he told me that it shoots 1080p 24 video with some kick ass depth of field. We watched some videos that had been shot on it and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It looks great. And it costs a ridiculously low $1500. It’s set to come out in early June, so it could be just in time for the shoot. Need to look into it more.


2 responses to “Director’s Journal #7

  1. “and also the danger of that kind of indulgence.”

    Yeah, I think maybe you should reiterate that to yourself. It seems like in one post you’ve gone from the “spend no money” philosophy to “hey, maybe we should start our own movie studio”. I thought the whole point of shooting a full length feature was to see if you could. If the whole project thus far has been designed around spending no money and shooting almost everything in a week, that’s what I think you should focus on or you’re opening all kinds of money pits and time sinks. Soon you’ll be getting more footage every summer and even the actors who are your family will change their appearance and you’ll be right back in Far Booth land.

    You’ve probably already made up your mind 3 weeks later and I’m not even sure anyone but me is reading this. I guess I’ll see what happens next post.

  2. Kirk, we are reading the comments. Thanks for keeping up with our madness, and for the constructive feedback. Believe me, we are working hard not to repeat past mistakes. Sure, we will make plenty of new ones, but dragging this out year after year… not gonna happen.

    Slowly, we’re getting the Director’s Journal current. So, bear with us as we weave our tale as effectively and timely as we can. I assure anyone reading, it will be worth it.

    Spoiler: We will make asses of ourselves as we continue to trudge ahead and make the greatest bigfoot movie in the history of earth! Ever!


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