Director’s Journal #3

April 20, 2009

I left the house this morning without putting on a jacket. It was cold, but I decided I wasn’t cold. Not sure why I did that. Later, I wondered if it was a symptom of that Ronald Reagan optimistic philosophy bullshit.

Spoke more with the Craig’s List shed guy. He warned me that the shed is falling down and has no roof. I asked him to send me pictures of the other side of it, so I can see how bad it is. Told him we only plan on building a similar crappy shed with it. Then I realized I called his shed ‘crappy.’ Next time, I referred to it as “lived-in.” Must learn new vocab words.

The crappy lived-in shed.

The crappy lived-in shed.

I told him I’d make plans to pick it up this weekend. He offered me a second, smaller shed at a good price. Waiting to see pictures.

Ordered some more prosthetic alginate and plaster bandages so that we can recast Jory’s face. Realized that the cast probably lost its shape cause I loaded it up with too much Ultracal. Next time I will cast a smaller area and not use so much. Also ordered some burlap.

Alginate in action! Cue Barry White music!

Alginate in action! Cue Barry White music!

Hope to do it this weekend if the supplies get here. Maybe in place of the costume fitting that we may not make the deadline for.

Dennis asked if I had anything for our Grassman blog. Never replied to him, but started typing up a summary of what has happened since Saturday. I had been meaning to start keeping a journal anyway. So that after the movie is done, we can publish a book about how we made a movie, only we won’t have to write it. Robert Rodriguez did it. Except he made a movie people were interested in. And he isn’t a jackass.

Likes hats. Wrote a book. Not a jackass.

Likes hats. Wrote a book. Not a jackass.

Bob Balaban did it, too.

No hats. Also, wrote a book. Again, not a jackass.

No hats. Also, wrote a book. Again, not a jackass.

At 2 in the morning, I realized I had spent the entire night typing an over detailed blog when I could have been editing the improv acting test I shot two weeks ago. This is why I never help with the various blogs we do. It takes to damn long. + Stupid, too.

April 21, 2009

Realized I had thinning hair. Got depressed for two days.


Needs hat. Hates writing. Jackass.


One response to “Director’s Journal #3

  1. Darn. I was hoping you were having as much fun writing stuff as I am reading it. Your entries are still enjoyable to read even if you don’t like doing them. Though I always have to remind myself that this is what you were doing 2 weeks ago even though the date for the entry is prominently displayed.

    And maybe all this costuming stuff can give you mad hairpiece making skillz. Make me one too.

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