Weekend of Productivity and Coolness

This weekend, we have a lot of pre-production activity happening.

I, of course, will be hard at work on the third draft.  I made some good progress, but really need to get it done yesterday.  Between working the grown-up job, working out (wanna be ready for my close-up, Mr Deville), family stuff, and basic hygiene, I rarely have time to get writing in during the week.  I try. Best I can get is usually an hour or so. Weekends, if I am isolated and left alone, work best. So, here’s hoping…

Tomorrow, Tyler and Stephan will be driving up to Columbus in a U-Haul to pick up some aged wood (from a torn-down shed, I believe) which will be used to construct the shed set.  It is an important set piece, so we hope this works out.  There was a perfect one on Craigslist which was exactly what I imagined when I wrote it in. But, on a low-budget film, free wood beats perfect $150 shed. Most of our budget needs to go towards the creature suit.

[UPDATE: the free wood may be sucky… going to make an offer to the cool shed guy… more to follow]

Which leads to the next item on the agenda: face-casting for the costume.  All of the ingredients for the casting material arrived today. So, we will all be gathering at Justine’s crib to perform the casting on our titular star, Jory.  We will be document the even in video, pictures, and this blog, so comeback to see how it goes.  We are only doing a partial casting, so hopefully there will not be any freaking out or suffocation.

Also, on Sunday, we will be visiting a potential location to check it out. The land is owned by someone I know, and I have been to his place before.  I think it could work.  But, we need to show Tyler and make sure it fits what he’s going for with this picture.  The owner is also a potential actor for one of our three uncast parts.  He is not an experienced actor, but is such a great fit for the part that we are wanting to give him a shot.  And he is willing to make a fool of himself for our mad vision. Which can get anyone the part in our books.

So, it is going to be busy. That’s it for now.  I got my Snackwell’s and Pepsi Max waiting for me to resume the script…


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