Pre-Production is in full swing

Well, for those of you that follow the Monkey Ltd site or blog, you are aware that we have been working on getting our first feature film going.  This is it. Thundercats are go.

The film is tentatively titled The Grassman.  People that are familiar with that term can kinda guess what kind film this is.  Everyone else will have to wait for me to post the synopsis (soon, I promise). Suffice it to say, it is a microbudget action/horror set deep in the woods of Ohio.

So, just to give you a quick rundown of the events to this point:

  • Tyler and I (Dennis) spent last October deciding on what to do for our first feature.  We had a few ideas, narrowed it down to two, then chose the one that we fest most comfortable with, the one that best reflects our sensibilities as filmmakers.
  • I spent the weeks working on the screenplay and in late Nov/Early Dec I spit out the first draft and gave it to Tyler and members of the Monkey Ltd Circle of Truth and Justice.  Response was good and the project was a go.
  • Since then, Tyler and I have had numerous discussions regarding the draft and what need to be changed/added/removed.  In meeting after meeting, IM after IM, Skype after Skype , we took turns seeing who could be the bigger jackass and who could have the cooler ideas.  In the end it was a tie: we were both jackasses but we also both came up with a version we can agree upon, with characters that intrigue us.

So, now, I am deep into writing the 3rd draft.  We have folks working on concept art, costume design, location scouting, casting, and mechanical effects.  Things are still in there early stages, but so far we have cool drawings, a arm mock-up, a coyote skin, animal bones, and swatches of fur.

So, either we are making a movie, or someone is in for one helluva Friday night (I am already working on the design for my fur loin cloth).

This is the first of many posts as we give hopefully a complete account of what it takes to put this kind of film together on little or no money.  This site, combined with the upcoming Jackasses Make Movie podcast, and Making Of featurettes on YouTube, will hopefully be entertaining and informative to fokls that love film and filmmaking.

So, keep checking here for more updates as we go.


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