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Sneak peek #3: Bigfoot gots wood…

A pic from Tyler and Stephan’s own little road movie:  The Quest for Wood.

That's a lot of wood... that's what she said!

That's a lot of wood... that's what she said!

This wood, unlike the wood they were on a quest for, was a nice, old, creepy shed. It will be one again. For the movie. And it shall be called “Love Shack.”

Director’s Journal – Entry #1

Tyler Meyer, producer and director, is keeping a journal of his experiences during the production of The Grassman.  Here is the first entry, as pre-production began to shift into high gear.  Hopefully, it is coherent… after all, he’s just the director… I am the writer.
–Dennis Meyer

April 18, 2009

Wanted to pick up some free wood for us to build our shed set with. It turned out to be not what we needed. I found another option on Craig’s List. This one has a picture looks exactly like what we pictured, only a bit bigger. It is three hours away , so we’ll need to make arrangements for getting it back here.

I wanted to get a little practice using the Ultracal 30 before the lifecasting, so I decided to sculpt a Bigfoot foot for making prints in the mud. Printed up an actual size image of the Patterson/Gimlin Bluff Creek prints and used it as a guide to trace the shape of the foot onto a block of clay. Scooped the clay out of the foot and filled it with Ultracal. Was surprised to find that the Ultracal gets pretty hot as it dries, but then I didn’t read the directions.

I had attempted to make a texture pad by pouring mask latex on the bottom of my foot and letting it dry. But it took too long. I got impatient and pulled it off before it was dry, ruining it. Wet latex smells like fish farts.

When dried, the foot looked excellent. Just like one of the bigfoot print casts I used to see in the books I read as a kid. It should be suitable for making a footprint in the film. Though, it would never hold up to scientific scrutiny. But then, I ain’t no kinda sculptor.

Foot of terror!

Foot of terror!

Sneak peek #2: Face casting attempt

Here is a quick look at the face casting we did last night.

Face casting of fear!

Face casting of fear!

For the record, Jory (blue man group above) handled himself like a real pro.  The rest of the team… not so much.

“That’s what she said…”